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Millander Bullies

French Bulldogs

Deb Millander



Hi Deb,

Chloe has played and napped and played some more. We are in love with her.

-Brad & Nicole

Hi, Deb,

We certainly feel blessed with Zeus. He is the perfect combination of fearless, fun, and love.


Hi Deb-

I hope you are well! See you have more pups...they are so cute!! So wish I could get another! 😉

Hank is doing great! He and Bama are great pals!

Just wanted to say hello!

Best regards,


Hi Deb,

Here are a couple pictures of the babies!! They absolutely love each other!!



Hi Deb,

Since I purchased Huck from you almost 4 years he has brought nothing but happiness to my home. He has been by my side through thick and thin and I love that little boy more than I could ever have imagined. And he is such a well behaved loving pup. He travels with me whenever possible.

I am continually stopped on the street by people commenting on what a sweet and handsome pup he is. I couldn't agree more. I can't tell you the number of times that people have stopped and asked me if they could take a picture of him, which of course I always let them do. And he's such a social being that if there is loving and butt rubs to be had, he's in! Spread the Frenchie joy.

I've given your contact information along with my recommendation for Millander Bullies out many times over the years. And I just found out that Huck's 1/2 brother Sampson was purchased by one of my neighbors on the street whose kids have adored Huck from day one. Very exciting. Glad that Huck will have a little sibling close by. It makes me want a second Millander Frenchie myself. One if these days!



Hi Deb,

Just wanted to send along an update on Wilhelmina. We couldn't be happier with her. She is as stubborn as can be when we go on walks but all I have to do is hold a stick in my hand and she takes off! She loves going to the dog park, cruising around in the car and sleeping on my lap! There's a hotel across the street from our apartment and they give her treats every day. Everyone that works over there loves her! Here are a few photos of her recently. She's a solid 20lbs!

Hope all is well with you!


Hi Deb,

Happy New Year!

I'm following up from my note a few weeks ago and wanted to share some

recent photos of Huck. He's doing very well - loves attention,

sunbathing, and chewing on his toys.



Nigel has been an absolute joy! Couldn't ask for a better pet. He loves watching movies on the couch, going on car rides, and playing in the water at the Florida beaches. He's so friendly and gentle that everyone I meet loves him. Even folks I've never met at my apartment complex know who he is!

Thanks for the wonderful companion,


Hello, Deb-

Sending Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes to you, your family, and of course, all your wonderful Frenchies.

We adore ours!

Hoping you all are well.


Kim, Paul, and Jennie (Estella)!

Hi Deb,

We are long overdue for an update on Belle! Daniel and I were just discussing that we cannot believe our little girl is almost 1! She has been such an absolute joy. She definitely has quite the personality, a little stubborn at times, but absolutely loves to play and cuddle. I quickly learned that I needed to schedule twice as long for walks just to allow for time for people to say hi to her. Belle loves saying hello to every person and dog we see. We could not have asked for a better dog. Below are some pictures!

Thanks for everything!

Morgan and Daniel

Hi Deb,

Hope all is well. We were just looking online and saw that you had a couple of new litters--congrats! They are very cute.

When we saw the pictures, we were reminded about how excited we were to get Ajax (now Porkchop) and wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have him in our lives. He is super laid back, loves to cuddle, gets along with everybody at the dog park, likes to play fetch like his mom and has greatly increased our popularity in the neighborhood (he's a New Yorker now).

We are very grateful to have gotten such a happy and healthy puppy from you and he has enriched our lives greatly. I honestly can't imagine having a better dog. We've referred a couple of friends who are interested to you and may end up coming back to get Porkchop a playmate soon!

All the best,

Rod, Katie and Porkchop

Hi Deb,

I purchased Hugo (we changed it to Beans) in June 2010. His recent birthday got me thinking about the past few years, so I figured I'd send you a long overdue email.

I first wanted to thank you. Beans is the most wonderful dog that me, or my family could ever imagine. He has the most kind, gentle temperament and makes friends wherever he goes. I was actually thinking today and realized that I have never even herd him growl.

He loves car rides, his walks (where he sniffs around the neighborhood endlessly), and passes a ton of time lying on the armrest of the couch staring outside at whatever is going on. He is the most popular dog on the block, and people will cross the street just to say hi to the little guy. He also saves me money at the groomer. When I take him in for baths, the groomers fight over who gets him, and they said that he is so good, that they took $5 off the price every time I go!

Beans is also a perfectly healthy. The vet says that he is at a perfect weight, his vitals seem perfect and she has never seen a Frenchie with better teeth at this age. Overall, my family and I couldn't be happier with Beans. He is the most lovable, kind and funniest dog that I have ever encountered. I thank you so much for taking the time and care to breed and raise such a wonderful animal.

Thanks again,

Matt and Beans

Hi Deb,

Boomer is doing great! Thanks for a wonder dog! He saw the vet right after we got him. He had an excellent report card.

Hello Deb:

I can't begin to tell you how much we love Chrysanthemum "Chrissy", she is so sweet, she grunts, groans, SNORES, and loves playing with our 2 year old Frenchie, "Emma". Chrissy does not like to get her feet wet, she is a little princess, spoiled rotten and brought us so much joy. Our experience with you as a breeder was smooth from the day we contacted you to the afternoon we picked her up. Very professional, I would highly recommend you!

Mike & Debbie O'Malley


Simply put, Margot has been a delight, and the whole adoption process has been better than we could imagine. It's so great knowing we can email Deb with any questions or concerns we have about Margot, and shortly thereafter have a reply message waiting in our inbox that not only contains good advice, but the reassurance all new parents need!

On the housetraining front, we picked up where Deb left off, and within a week (no kidding!), Margot got the hang of it. Now she trots right on over to the front door when she needs to go out. She's also learned to sit, stay, come, and shake (for the most part!). We're working on roll over, but she always finds a way to make us laugh and throw us a little off track.

Overall, we couldn't be happier with our choice to get a frenchie and moreover, work with Deb. Margot's a great addition to our family, and Deb makes the entire process straightforward and very easy to follow. Hands down one of the best experiences we've had since moving to DC.

-Caroline and Sarah


Cyrus, now named Louie, got a clean bill of health at the vet on Monday. He's doing really well here -- he's extremely active and curious.

Thanks again --


Hi Deb,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that everything is going great with Baxter. He barks once when he wants to go out. Perfect.....

We LOVE him!!!!

Thank you for everything.

Take care,