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Millander Bullies

French Bulldogs

Deb Millander


Millander Bullies French Bulldogs

Sales Agreement & Health Guarantee

This agreement is made this ______ day of ____________

and is between the Breeder and the purchaser as named below:

Breeder: Deborah Millander

Purchaser: _____________________

This puppy: ______________________   DOB: ____________  Sex: ___________   Color: ______________

Breed: French Bulldog_ Dam: _________________________  Sire:___________________________

AKC Litter Registration: ________________

Millander Bullies French Bulldogs shall hereinafter be referred to as the, “Breeder”. The original purchasing party and solely the original purchasing party shall hereinafter be referred to as the, “Purchaser”.

NOTE TO PURCHASE OF GOOD FAITH: All canines have the potential for genetic or congenital disease. Unfortunately, due to the nature of some diseases, they cannot always be eliminated. It is the job of the Breeder, through selective breeding, to try and minimize these conditions.

Purchaser Must Initial Each Section of This Agreement

______ this Health Guarantee begins the day the puppy is picked up or delivered to the Purchaser and is good for one year from date of birth. Within 3 days of receipt of the puppy the Purchaser must have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian and the results of the exam must be scanned/emailed to the Breeder at [email protected] Failure to provide examination results will render this Health Guarantee null and void.

______ Puppies are sold with a five day money back Health Guarantee against death caused by Parvo.

______This Health Guarantee does not cover any of the following treatable conditions: Intestinal parasites (Coccidiosis, Giardia, Tapeworms, Hookworms, Roundworms or Whipworms). This Health Guarantee does not cover Kennel Cough, Pneumonia, Ear or Skin Mites, Mange, Cherry Eye, Allergies (food or skin), Herniation, Stenotic Nares, Small Trachea, Entropion, Elongated Soft Palate, Undescended Testicles, Heart Murmurs grade 1-2, Luxated Patella's grade 1-3. Hips are not covered in bulldogs due to the argument that all bulldogs are dysplastic to some degree due to their conformation. This Health Guarantee does not cover any veterinarian costs associated with spaying or neutering, including undescended testes. This health guarantee does not cover elective surgeries. The Breeder does Not guarantee against nonlife threatening illnesses common to puppies. Any physical problem which is or could be caused by accident or injury, neglect, dehydration, or poor diet is NOT covered in this guarantee.

______ The Purchaser is responsible for the daily health care and maintenance of the puppy, including all immunizations and examinations recommended after purchase, as well as providing necessary medication and follow up treatments from veterinarian visits. In order for the Health Guarantee to remain in effect Purchaser must keep receipts and records to verify that they have regularly taken the puppy to a licensed veterinarian for checkups and all required immunizations. If Purchaser does not follow through with immunization requirements and regularly scheduled veterinarian visits the Health Guarantee will be void.

______ The puppy must be kept in good physical condition. Housed in an air conditioned/heated home. No chains or dog houses in the backyard or extended periods of time left unattended in the yard. If said puppy is found to have a life threatening genetic defect within the first year a statement from a licensed veterinarian of Purchaser's choosing confirming such an event and cause is required before any action will be taken by the Breeder. Breeder reserves the right to request a second opinion by a veterinarian of Breeder's choosing to determine the genetic defect. This Health Guarantee does not cover any veterinarian costs. The Purchaser is aware that owning a puppy means frequent visits to a veterinarian and understands that he/she will be responsible for all payments.

______ In the unlikely event of the death of the puppy within the first year due to genetics, the Breeder shall replace the puppy with another puppy of equivalent value at no cost to the Purchaser within 1 year. All registration paperwork must be returned to the Breeder before the replacement puppy is sent. If the Purchaser declines the replacement puppy, then the Breeder and Purchaser shall be under no further obligation and it will be deemed that the Purchaser has released the Breeder from any and all further claims.

______This Health Guarantee is forfeited if the puppy is fed a raw or homemade diet, puppy must be fed an age appropriate premium brand puppy food for the first year.

______ It is understood that the puppy being purchased is intended as a pet/companion only, No breeding rights and will come with limited AKC registration. The puppy MUST be spayed or neutered by 9 months of age. Written proof of receipt must be scanned/emailed to Breeder at; [email protected] within 3 days of procedure. Failure to provide proof will render this Health Guarantee null and void.

______There is no guarantee that the puppy will be suitable for showing. No guarantee is made as to the disposition, conformation, temperament, size, weight, color or markings of the puppy. No guarantee is made as to the speed with which the puppy will house train or train in any other capacity. No guarantee is made for any other traits that may develop as the puppy grows up.

______ This Health Guarantee is good for original Purchaser only and is not transferable.

______The Breeder is always willing to accept a puppy back in any event (allergy, Landlord/Tenant issues, marital or adjustment problems, relocation, etc) but will not offer any monetary refund. If the Purchaser must return the puppy for any reason it will be on a surrender basis only with no refund, Breeder will help re-home the puppy if needed.

______ If the puppy is being delivered the Breeder makes all transportation arrangements. Sometimes travel arrangements are delayed due to temperature restrictions, weather, logistics, mechanical failure or other unforeseen events. The Breeder shall not be liable directly or indirectly for any delays which may cause inconvenience or financial loss, nor shall the delay be cause for cancellation. The Breeder will collect all transportation fees from the Purchaser at the time of the purchase. Transportation costs are non-refundable and are valued up to $1000.00.

______ The value of the puppy for the purpose of this Health Guarantee and Sales Agreement is solely the original purchase price of the puppy and does not include transportation costs, health certificate, medical bills or any additional costs declared by the Purchaser. Transportation costs can not be refunded.

______ The Breeder reserves the right to refuse, terminate or suspend this sale at any time if the Breeder deems the transaction is not in the best interest of the puppy. In this case all monies will be refunded to the Purchaser.

______ In the event of any litigation pertaining to the puppy covered by this Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee, both the Breeder and the Purchaser shall assume exclusive responsibility for their own attorney's fees and costs. This Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee is hereby entered into exclusively and wholly executed in the State of Alabama and litigation arising from any possible breach of this Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee shall be exclusively adjudicated in the County of Lee, in the State of Alabama, exclusively under Alabama law. All parties hereby submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of said courts. Should any provision of this agreement be held invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall not be affected. This is the total agreement between Millander Bullies French Bulldogs and the Purchaser and no other terms or conditions shall be valid to this sale.

The Purchaser acknowledges that he or she has read, understands and agrees to the terms of this Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee. This written agreement is a binding legal contract entered into in the State of Alabama, County of Lee, according to and by Millander Bullies French Bulldogs Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee.

I, ______________________________, the Purchaser of said puppy, hereby acknowledge that I have received a copy of this document as well as described herein pertaining to my puppy's health inspection signed by a veterinarian. 

Further, I accept the terms and conditions of the Health Guarantee for hereditary disorders printed in this document. I waive and relinquish any other rights that I might otherwise have in the event of such occurrence. This Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee must be initialed, signed and returned prior to the puppy's departure. A copy signed by the Breeder will be returned to the Purchaser.

Purchaser Signature: __________________________________  Date: ________

Purchaser Address: _________________________________________________________

Phone #: ____________________________         Email: _____________________________

Breeder Signature :____________________________________  Date: ________