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Millander Bullies

French Bulldogs

Deb Millander


Our Frenchies

Millander Petunia Dancing Queen

Born: 18 April, 2018

Daughter to our Penelope. Beautiful conformation. Petunia loves to be around her people, play with toys, and is a fantastic mum. Petunia stems from the Russian Super Bulli Champion Bloodline.

Petunia weighs 26 lbs

Millander Rhea Nyx Shadestrider

Born: 8 October, 2019

Rhea Nyx is daughter to Arya. She has a beautiful conformation and disposition-very short, compact and full of love. Rhea loves to play and be around her people. She stems from French and Russian Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines.

Rhea Nyx weighs 18 lbs

Millander Beatrice Dante's Muse

Born: 12 January 2021

Beatrice is the daughter of Petunia and Tiberius. 

Loves to be the center of attention. Loves to play and cuddle. She stems from multi generations of champion/grand champion pedigree.

Beatrice weighs 24 lbs

Harley any Honeybuns

Born: 1 June 2021

Harley is the latest addition to our Frenchie family. She has a beautiful red fawn coat, lovely conformation and beautiful head.

Harley weighs 22 lbs

Our Boys are not available for outside stud service

Tiberius Maximus III

Born: 21 September 2018

HC-N HU-N DM-A/N CMR1-N PRA (Cord1)-N Cardiac-N

My quiet, gentle beauty. Champion sired, Ti comes from a long line of American champion/grand champions. Tiberius is short back, thick, and cobby legged. He has a beautiful conformation and disposition.

Ti weighs 22 lbs

Millander Mobulls Nar Rakasa‚Äč

Born: 31 May 2020

Champion sired, Nar Rakasa is a beautiful representation of the breed. 

Nar Rakasa stems from a very long line of American champion/grand champions. He is the clown of the family, loves to play and brings happiness wherever he goes.

Nar Rakasa weighs 22 lbs